Ofcom consults on proposed changes to quality of service regulation of Openreach to upgrade broadband customers to superfast products

Ofcom explains that to help broadband companies upgrade customers to faster broadband products more efficiently, it has proposed changes to certain regulations requiring Openreach to install new broadband connections within a set timeframe.

Ofcom says that providers that use Openreach’s network want a more efficient and cost-effective way to upgrade their customers who are on slower copper broadband to higher-speed services. So Openreach has worked with providers to develop a new process for upgrades to be made in bulk batches at a street cabinet, reducing the cost per customer.

Under this process, Openreach would wait for a sufficient volume of upgrades from a provider at a given cabinet before making those upgrades.

Ofcom says that given the potential benefits to broadband customers of using this new bulk upgrade process, it is proposing to exempt these types of orders from certain rules which require them to be installed within a set timeframe.

The consultation closes on 23 December 2019. Subject to responses, Ofcom expects to finalise this change early in the new year. To access the consultation, click here.