Insights IPO and Competition and Markets Authority agree new Memorandum of Understanding

The MoU reiterates the commitment of the IPO and CMA to furthering their strong co-operation and working closely in areas of joint interest. It replaces the July 2012 MoU between the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the IPO, which was carried over to the CMA in 2014.

The IPO says that properly functioning, competitive markets have a vital role to play in stimulating growth and in encouraging innovation in goods and services. IP and competition law play complementary roles to help deliver these objectives. This formalisation of cooperation expresses the commitment by the IPO and CMA to enable the continued sharing of information and best practice in broad areas of common interest, such as the growing importance of technology and digital markets to the UK economy.

The MoU makes formal provision for both offices to co-operate in a wide range of activities, including:

  • providing technical assistance, such as sharing subject-area knowledge and expertise, and best practice;
  • sharing relevant information on workstreams, specific issues of concern, and policy proposals or developments; and
  • carrying out joint projects in areas of mutual interest.

The MoU will be reviewed at least every three years. Any changes will be subject to the agreement of both parties. To read the IPO’s press release in full and for a link to the MoU, click here.