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The ICO has launched a public consultation on its draft Statutory guidance which details how it will regulate and enforce data protection legislation in the UK. Supporting the ICO’s primary responsibility of ensuring compliance with the law, the document explains the ICO’s powers, when it will use them and how it calculates fines.

Designed to ensure the rights and freedoms of individuals are protected, the draft guidance also seeks to provide assurance to business that the ICO will use its powers proportionately and consistently.

A requirement of the Data Protection Act 2018, the draft Statutory guidance explains how the ICO will exercise its regulatory functions when issuing: information notices; assessment notices; enforcement notices and penalty notices. It sits alongside the Regulatory action policy (RAP), which details how the ICO regulates the other pieces of legislation it covers. The RAP is currently under review.

The consultation closes on 12 November 2020. To access the consultation, click here.