Insights House of Lords European Union Committee publishes series of reports on the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA)


The Committee’s series of five reports looks beyond Brexit to the UK’s future relationship with the EU, as established in the TCA.

The first report “Beyond Brexit: the institutional framework” focuses on the cross-cutting provisions of the TCA, particularly those relating to governance and dispute resolution.

The second report, “Beyond Brexit: food, environment, energy and health”, compiled by the EU Environment Sub-Committee, covers the impact of the TCA on food, environment, energy and health.

The third report, “Beyond Brexit: trade in services”, from the EU Services Sub-Committee, looks at the UK-EU future relationship on trade in services, focusing particularly on the impact of the TCA.

The fourth report, “Beyond Brexit: trade in goods”, from the EU Goods Sub-Committee, looks at what the TCA means for the trade in goods between the UK and EU.

The fifth report, “Post-Brexit UK-EU Security Cooperation”, from the EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee, covers the main provisions of Part Three of the TCA setting out how the UK, as a third country outside the EU, will continue to collaborate with the EU 27 on a range of policing and criminal justice mechanisms. To read the Committee’s announcement and for links to the reports, click here.