House of Commons Petitions Select Committee launches inquiry into online abuse and the experiences of disabled people

The Committee says that its new inquiry will look at the experiences of people who have faced online abuse, focusing on potential solutions for its reduction and prevention, legally, socially and technologically. The Committee will examine what progress has been made by the Government since the conclusion of its previous inquiry into online abuse, which focused on online abuse and the experience of disabled people after media personality Katie Price started a petition about online abuse. The Committee says that the new inquiry will see it scrutinise the Government’s response to online abuse, and continue to press the Government on the action it needs to take.

The Committee notes that many figures have raised concerns over the effect of Coronavirus on mental health as people are spending more time online and on social media. The Committee is now calling for evidence to this new inquiry into online abuse and is welcoming contributions from campaigning organisations, legal professionals, social media companies and other expert organisations in the field. Committee staff will also invite the general public to share their experiences. To read the Committee’s summary of the inquiry and for information on submitting evidence, click here.