HomeInsightsGovernment publishes updated Guidance on Registering and renewing .eu domain names in the UK now that the UK has left the EU


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The Guidance sets out what organisations and individuals need to do if they hold a .eu domain name or want to register one.

The Guidance refers to the eligibility criteria for .eu domains as set out in Article 4(2)(b) of the .eu Domain Name Regulation (2019/517/EU).

Essentially, organisations and individuals are not able to register or renew .eu domain names if:

  • they are established in the UK but not in the EU/European Economic Area (EEA); or
  • they live outside of the EU/EEA and are not an EU/EEA citizen.

Further, organisations and individuals can only register or hold a .eu domain name if they are:

  • an EU/EEA citizen, independently of where you live;
  • not an EU/EEA citizen but resident in the EU/EEA; or
  • an organisation, business or undertaking that is established in the EU/EEA.

Organisations and individuals may still be eligible if they have their registered office, central administration, or principal place of business within the EU/EEA, are established within the EU/EEA, or are a natural person resident in the EU/EEA.

The Guidance also sets out what happens and what to do if organisations and individuals do not meet the eligibility criteria. To access the Guidance, click here.