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The Government observes that proving identity digitally remains difficult, time-consuming and repetitive. According to the Government, if we could securely and easily prove our identity, or something about ourselves, it would help support innovation, reduce fraud and cost, safeguard our privacy and streamline online services.

The Government says that it is “committed to enabling a digital identity system fit for the UK’s growing digital economy without the need for identity cards by working in partnership across government, the private and voluntary sectors, academia, and civil society”. It wants to see citizens able to create digital identities under their own control and then to use different verified attributes to access a range of services as and when needed.

The Government wants to gather insights and evidence into how it can support improvements in identity verification and support the development and secure use of digital identities and ensure that the potential benefits of this approach are open to all. The evidence received will be used to inform policy making and government priorities.

A small pilot scheme will also be launched to help people speed up their applications for services, for example applying for a credit card, by allowing organisations to digitally check their identity using British passport data, where they have used this to register for government services. It will begin with companies who currently provide digital identity services to Government.

The Call for Evidence is open until 15 September 2019. To access the Call for Evidence, click here. To read the Government’s press release, click here.