Insights Government launches fan survey in latest phase of football governance review


The Government has launched a fan engagement survey designed to reach more fans, allowing them to express their opinions on how they think football should be run. The new survey will run for two weeks and will, the Government says, allow fans to provide valuable input into how finance, governance, ownership and regulation should be shaped and will feed into the final report to be published in the autumn.

Fans will be able to provide detailed input on whether they think a club is run transparently, who would be best placed to regulate football and how that would work, salary caps and the independence of women’s clubs.

Engagement sessions continue to take place with fan groups and football organisations from across the country. An interim report will be published by Tracey Crouch in due course, and the final report and recommendations is expected in the Autumn.

The survey closes on 22 July 2021. To access the survey, click here.