Insights Government consults on digital identities and the governing body which will oversee the rules on digital identity

The Government says that digital identities are an easy way to help people prove who they are without the need for physical documents. They can also help prove things about people, such as their age or qualifications.

This consultation asks for views on how the digital identity system should operate, including proposals for a governing body which will be charged with making sure organisations follow government rules on digital identity. In the Government’s view, online authentication, identity and eligibility solutions can increase security, ease of use and accessibility to public services. They are central to making public services more efficient and effective. They will also improve people’s ability to operate confidently in an increasingly digital economy.

The Government says that it is committed to realising the benefits of digital identity, without creating ID cards. Earlier this year it published a draft of the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework, which set out what rules and standards are needed to protect people’s sensitive identity data when used digitally.

The consultation seeks views on three key issues:

  • the governance system to oversee digital identity and make sure organisations comply with the rules;
  • how to allow trusted organisations to make digital checks against authoritative government-held data; and
  • establishing the legal validity of digital identities, so people are confident they are as good as physical documents like passports or bank statements.

The consultation closes on 13 September 2021. To read the Government’s press release in full, click here. To access the consultation, click here.