Insights Gambling Commission welcomes charter for Sports Governance in UK.

The Gambling Commission has welcomed the Government’s recent announcement of a domestic charter for Sports Governance in the UK and will support ongoing work towards the preparation of a Code of Sports Governance in the UK.

The Commission’s Sports Betting Intelligence Unit continues to receive a steady flow of reports related to suspicious betting activity.  This is of concern to sports governing bodies, many of whom are working to bring these practices to an end.

The Commission says that it is important that the collaboration that exists between sports betting operators, the Gambling Commission, and law enforcement and currently coordinated through the Sport Betting Integrity Forum develops.

Nick Tofiluk, Commission Executive Director, said: “It’s essential that those who participate in sport, whether as a player or someone who simply enjoys watching sport, can have full confidence in the integrity of any game, match or tournament being played, whether at home or overseas”.  To read the Commission’s press release in full, click here.