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Sport Business reports that the French Football League (LFP) and the English Premier League have complained to the European Commission about the Saudi-based pirate channel, BeoutQ, which has allegedly been broadcasting content illegally across the Middle East and North Africa.

Sport Business says that the LFP, which operates Ligue 1, the top division of French football, said it has addressed a letter to the Directorate General for Trade at the EC seeking support to investigate BeoutQ and demanding that pressure be placed on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to act upon and shut down the pirate channel.

The LFP has also written to Saudi-headquartered communications satellite operator Arabsat to demand that it prevents BeoutQ from using its satellites to broadcast stolen content. In addition, the LFP said it is examining all legal options, recourse and remedies that are at its disposal.

Sport Business also says that, in a statement reported by the Gulf Times newspaper, the Premier League said: “The Premier League has written to the European Commission as part of the Sports Rights Owners Coalition. This is just one of the measures we are taking to address this very serious issue. We operate a significant anti-piracy programme in a range of countries to protect the copyright of the League and our clubs.”

“Like all content creators and rights owners, our business model is predicated on the ability to market and sell protected rights and we will take all available action to support the investment made in the League by our legitimate broadcast partners.” To read Sport Business’s news item in full, click here.