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The European Commission has adopted an Implementing Regulation establishing a template for the contract summary that electronic communications services operators should provide to consumers in the EU.

Electronic communications services providers will need to provide consumers with a summary of the contract relating to the provision of electronic communication services before the contract is concluded. The summary must include the main terms and conditions of the contract, such as information on price, services and internet speed. Compliance will be required from 21 December 2020 when the European Electronic Communications Code (2018/1972/EC) (EECC) becomes applicable in all EU Member States.

The contract summary is a standardised one page sheet (for the provision of one service) or up to three pages (for a bundle) which will be provided to every consumer of electronic communications services prior to the conclusion of the contract. It includes, in a concise manner and easily readable format, the main elements of information that providers are required to make available to consumers, such as provider’s contact details, description of the service, speeds of the internet service, price, duration, renewal and termination of the contract and features for end-users with disabilities.

The Commission says that the contract summary will help providers to better present information about the main terms of the contract so that consumers can better compare different offers before choosing provider and before concluding the contract.

The Implementing Regulation is based on the updated EECC. It does not set out any new requirements, but specifies how the summary is to be provided and the main elements that should be included, based on the EECC. To read the Commission’s press release in full and for a link to the Implementing Regulation, click here.