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The Commission has opened a public consultation on the opportunities offered by digital technologies for the cultural heritage sector. Stakeholders and all interested people are invited to provide feedback on the Recommendation of 2011 on digitising cultural material and digital preservation. The aim is to propose a more appropriate policy instrument to support the digital transformation of cultural heritage.

Advancements in technology are opening up fresh opportunities to digitise cultural heritage for preservation, conservation, restoration and research, as well as for broader online access and re-use by citizens and various sectors, such as tourism. In addition, the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on 15 April 2019 demonstrates the importance of digitising and preserving culture, for instance by 3D modelling of buildings, monuments and other heritage sites. More recently, the coronavirus pandemic and the physical distancing measures taken across the Member States have highlighted a practical need for virtually accessible cultural heritage and the advantages of having these digital tools in place.

The consultation closes on 14 September. To access the consultation, click here.