Entertainment Retailers Association publishes research on consumer consumption of entertainment

The ERA says that the new consumer research shows the scale of the generation gap that has opened up in the way Britons consume entertainment.

The research shows that for under-25s the smartphone and laptop are the dominant ways to consume music and video, with more than eight out of ten youngsters reporting they had listened to music via a smartphone in the previous three months and over three quarters having watched video on computer.

By contrast, for the over-55s, neither laptop nor smartphone appear among their top entertainment technologies and traditional radio, whether in-car, via DAB or even AM/FM, taking three of the top five slots.

Across the generations, music technologies lead the way with four of the top five technologies for 45-54s and the over-55s used for music listening and three of the top fives for under-25s and 35-44 year-olds.

The data comes from ERA’s authoritative consumer tracking study, which quizzed a panel of 2,000 UK consumers about their entertainment consumption habits every quarter for the past six years.

In the survey, consumers were asked which technologies they had used in the previous three months to access music, video and games. To read the ERA’s press release in full, click here.