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The Committee says that the inquiry will consider production companies’ duty of care to participants, and ask whether enough support is offered both during and after filming, and whether there is a need for further regulatory oversight in this area.

The Committee’s decision to launch the inquiry into reality TV comes after the death of a guest following filming for The Jeremy Kyle Show and the deaths of two former contestants in the reality dating show Love Island.

The Committee is seeking written evidence on the following questions:

  1. what psychological support do production companies and broadcasters provide to participants in reality TV shows before, during and after the production process?
  2. what are examples of best practice, and where is there room for improvement, in the support that is offered to reality TV participants?
  3. who should be responsible for monitoring whether duty of care policies are being applied effectively in the production of reality TV shows?
  4. do the design formats for reality shows put unfair psychological pressure on participants and encourage more extreme behaviour? If so, how?
  5. what is for the future for reality TV of this kind? How does it accord with our understanding of, and evolving attitudes to, mental health?

The Committee invites evidence from the public, organisations and others with relevant expertise. The deadline for submitting evidence is 5 pm on Thursday 13 June 2019. To read the Committee’s announcement in full and for details on how to submit evidence, click here.