Insights Council of the European Union approves conclusions on enhancing the video games sector


One of the main actions of the EU Work Plan for Culture for 2023-2023 includes “Enhancing the cultural and creative dimension of the video game sector in Europe.” In recognition of the economic, creative and cultural impact the games industry has within the EU, the Council has published a number of recommendations for the European Commission and Member states setting out ways in which they can nurture the industry and help it to resolve some of its challenges. These include the introduction of new funding mechanisms, revision of NACE (EU Statistical Classification of Economic Data) codes to improve access to sector data, supporting access to finance and sustainable development, initiatives aimed at training and retaining talent, promoting online safety and media literacy, supporting (through public-private initiatives) the protection of the wellbeing of players including via parental controls and age ratings, promoting equality and diversity in the industry, support for further cooperation with other cultural sectors, and reviewing state aid rules to stimulate the competitiveness and independence of the EU video games sector.

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