Insights Competition and Markets Authority publishes series of guides for businesses on unfair contract terms.

The series of guides explains some important things businesses need to know about unfair contract terms and what to look out for.

The CMA has provided a full guide, as well as individual “at-a-glance” guides covering the common types of terms where unfairness can arise.  They look at the following areas:

  • deposits, advance payments and cancellations;
  • excessive charges and financial sanctions;
  • cancelling a contract: when and how;
  • responsibility if things go wrong;
  • changing the terms of a contract;
  • subscriptions and automatic rollover; and
  • other terms that may be unfair.

The CMA reminds readers that the guides are not a substitute for the legislation itself or for seeking independent legal advice.  They provide an introduction to the CMA’s views, but it is ultimately for the courts to apply and interpret the legislation.  To access the guides, click here.