British Film Institute publishes figures for Film, high-end television and animation programmes production in the UK for 2019

Key points from the figures show:

  • the combined total spend on film and high-end TV production in the UK for 2019 was £3,616 million, a 16% increase from the £3,122 million spend in 2018 and the highest UK production spend figure ever reported;
  • 188 films began principal photography in the UK in 2019 with a total UK production spend of £1,951 million, 6% higher than for 2018. The like-for-like figure in 2018 was 202 films;
  • 2019’s total UK film production spend is the second highest amount since records began in 1994, coming behind a record £2,210 million in 2017;
  • 71 films were inward investment films (12 more than in 2018) with a total spend of £1,742 million and accounting for 89% of the total film production spend;
  • 94 films were domestic UK features with a total UK spend of £175 million, a 45% decrease in spend on 2018. 23 were co-production features with a spend of £34 million, a 37% increase on 2018;
  • 123 high-end television productions started principal photography in 2019, four more titles than reported at the same time last year. Total UK production spend was £1,665 million, a significant 29% increase from £1,287 million on 2018, and the highest since reporting began;
  • there were 74 inward investment and high-end TV co-productions in 2019 with a total spend of £1,294 million, representing 78% of the total high-end spend and 51% higher than in 2018. Domestic high-end television production spend was £372 million; and
  • 23 animation programmes started principal photography in 2018, with a total UK spend of £39 million.

To access the figures in full, click here.