Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) launches four public consultations

Following the 39th Board of Regulators ordinary meeting, BEREC launched four public consultations on the following documents:

  • draft BEREC Guidelines on the minimum criteria for a reference offer relating to obligations of transparency (Article 69 of the European Electronic Communications Code Directive (2018/1972/EU) (EECC). Closing date is 19 July 2019;
  • draft Call for Initial Stakeholder Input on the BEREC Guidelines on the Criteria for a Consistent Application of Article 61(3) of the EECC, under which national regulatory authorities (NRAs) may impose, upon reasonable request and regardless of any findings of significant market power, access to wiring and cables and associated facilities inside buildings or up to the first concentration or distribution point as determined by the NRA. Closing date is 15 July 2019;
  • Draft BEREC Guidelines for the notification template for market entry, pursuant to Article 12(4) of the EECC. Closing date is 28 August 2019; and
  • Draft BEREC guidelines on common criteria for the assessment of the ability to manage numbering resources by undertakings other than providers of electronic communications networks or services and of the risk of exhaustion of numbering resources if numbers are assigned to such undertakings. Closing date is 28 August 2019.

BEREC says that it welcomes responses from all stakeholders to these public consultations. To access the consultations on the BEREC website, click here.