Insights Betting and Gaming Council welcomes betting ad opt-out on Facebook

The BGC has welcomed the news that Facebook is to introduce an opt-out for the vast majority of betting adverts on its platform. It means that Facebook users who no longer want to view such advertisements will be able to stop doing so. The BGC says that it has been working closely with Facebook over the past year and hopes to come up with even more new tools in the future for those who want to see fewer betting ads.

The move is in addition to the BGC’s updated Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising, which was released last year. Under the code, BGC members must ensure that all social media ads must be targeted at consumers aged 25 and over unless the website proves they can be precisely targeted at over-18s.

BGC Chief Executive Michael Dugher said “… I welcome this move by Facebook and I would urge all social media and search platforms to provide the ability for users to opt out of viewing betting adverts.

“The regulated betting and gaming industry is determined to promote safer gambling, unlike the unsafe and growing online black market, which has none of the safeguards which are commonplace among BGC members.” To read the BGC’s news story in full, click here.