News Incopro welcomes Jenner & Block to its international network

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Incopro, the online rights monitoring and protection business founded by Wiggin Partner Simon Baggs, and Bret Boivin, formerly of Warner Bros. and NBC Universal, is pleased to welcome Jenner & Block to its expanding international law firm network.

Incopro provides internet technology that enables owners and licensees of content and brands to identify the unlawful exploitation of their intellectual property (IP) and to then implement appropriate strategies in response; these include civil enforcement, referrals to authorities, government relations and business to business outreach.

Crucially, Incopro also offers its clients a growing network of law firms across the globe who are licensed to use the Incopro system.  IP owners can turn to this network of experts when legal advice and enforcement are required.  The expert law firms have access to intelligence gathered by Incopro and are therefore well placed to implement agreed strategies.

Simon Baggs, Managing Director at Incopro and Partner and head of the IP/rights’ protection practice at Wiggin, comments: “Incopro benefits from both years of Wiggin’s experience when it comes to helping clients to protect their content and brands, and also from bespoke, custom-built technology to offer a genuinely seamless service.

“We know from experience that any online content protection service has to operate on an international scale; the internet spans the globe and those who seek to infringe others’ IP rights are not constrained by traditional boundaries and so neither is Incopro. For this reason, we are delighted to welcome Jenner & Block to our expanding international law firm network.

“Jenner & Block have offices in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and LA; the team is known for producing excellent results for clients using a powerful combination of experience, professionalism and strong teamwork, making them an excellent fit for the Incopro partner network.”

“We have a rich history of helping global content creators safeguard their intellectual property and navigate the challenges of operating in a rapidly changing technology environment,” says Jenner & Block Partner Kenneth Doroshow.  “In joining the Incopro network, we strengthen our commitment to working on cutting-edge, high-impact content protection matters.  We look forward to working with Incopro in continuing to serve our clients and the broader content community.”