Consumer Law and Regulatory Compliance

Consumers are central to businesses across the media, technology and brands sectors.

It’s critical that businesses are able to navigate the increasingly complex legal and regulatory framework that has been put in place to protect consumers – consumers are more savvy and litigious than ever before, and regulators more empowered. Moreover, falling foul of the consumer protection framework can have real and lasting consequences for businesses, whether in the form of regulatory undertakings, potentially substantial fines, civil and/or criminal liability, and the reputational damage that so often follows – particularly in the age of social media.

We advise clients on all aspects of consumer law compliance, with a particular emphasis on contracting with consumers in the online environment and with respect to digital and online goods and services. We understand our clients’ niche markets and this feeds into the advice we give, which includes:

  • standard terms and conditions and other consumer contracts;
  • unfair contract terms and contractual enforceability;
  • unfair and misleading commercial practices;
  • legally compliant consumer user journeys;
  • consumer cancellation rights;
  • advertising and promotions;
  • consumer rights re defective goods and services;
  • pre- and post-contractual information requirements;
  • business ‘health-checks’ for consumer law compliance;
  • dealing with consumer complaints; and
  • understanding the regulators, including the Competition and Markets Authority, the Advertising Standards Authority, and Ofcom.