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The Government’s 2018 consumer green paper, “Modernising consumer markets”, announced that it would launch a Smart Data Review to consider how to accelerate the development and use of new data-driven technologies and services to improve consumer outcomes.

The Government says that the review concluded that there is considerable potential for Smart Data to support better consumer outcomes across consumer markets. It has now published proposals for consultation.

The review’s main proposals are to:

  • accelerate the development of innovative data-driven services in consumer markets by: establishing a new cross-sectoral Smart Data Function to oversee the delivery of smart data initiatives across multiple markets; introducing an Open Communications initiative that will require communications businesses to provide consumers’ data to third party providers at the consumer’s request; consulting later in the year, as part of a broader competition green paper, on extending Smart Data to digital markets in response to the recommendations of the Digital Competition Expert Panel;
  • use data and technology to help vulnerable consumers by: establishing a Vulnerable Consumer Challenge that will encourage data-driven innovation to improve outcomes for vulnerable consumers; placing the needs of vulnerable consumers at the centre of Smart Data initiatives and the new Smart Data Function; and exploring ways regulators can utilise consumer data, subject to the right protections, to support vulnerable consumers; and
  • ensure consumers and their data are protected by: building trust in innovative data-driven services by introducing strong data protection requirements on Third Party Providers accessing consumer data; and using a cross-sectoral approach to the regulation of Third Party Providers to minimise burdens on providers that operate across multiple markets.

The consultation closes at midday on 6 August 2019. To access the proposals in full and to respond to the consultation, click here.