Insights UK Music announces it is to join UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement Domestic Advisory Group to look at the impact of Britain’s departure from the EU


As the collective voice of the UK music industry, UK Music says that it has been asked to become a member of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement Domestic Advisory Group (DAG). DAG is a consultative body that is being set up to help the Government hear from those most affected by the operation of the UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement.

The establishment of the new group, which also includes LIVE alongside UK Music as the cultural representatives, follows mounting concerns in the music and creative industries about the extra costs and red tape involved in touring and working in the EU post-Brexit.

UK Music says that it has long warned that transport issues raised by cabotage rules, delays and extra costs are threatening the viability of some tours and causing serious damage to British exports. Further, the impact of copyright laws, which derive from EU legislation and have now been subsumed within our legal framework, are also important matters for the music industry that will be carefully monitored through the DAG.

It is expected that DAG will meet twice a year and will rotate between the four nations of the UK. To read UK Music’s announcement in full, click here.