News UK Producers Get Kickstart on YouTube Channel Development

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UK producers have been awarded a third of the 60 channels deals YouTube made available across Europe.  The producers have received large production advances to create new brands and formats for YouTube specific content

The successful companies include established indies such as All3Media and Zodiak Media, BBCW, and a range of digital and social media specialists such as Base79, Diagonal View, Bigballs and ChannelFlip.

Head of Technology Shaun Lowde cpmmented: “Doing deals with Google [the owner of YouTube] is always interesting; Google take a tough stance because they are risk funding huge amounts of money, and trying to turn over a large volume of deals in the most efficient and consistent way.  However, each deal is different and there are always key commercial and legal issues that need to be negotiated, and that the producer needs to be aware of when considering the overall risk/benefit position.   The more deals we all do in this space the more insights we get into the best commercial solutions, and the better the deals get for everyone.”