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On 18 July, the CMA published its Annual Report looking back on work carried out during 2018/19. To read the Annual Report in full, click here.

As part of its focus over the past year, the CMA prioritised protecting vulnerable customers (by investigated issues such as the supply of hydrocortisone tablets to the NHS). The CMA also tackled issues that directly impact everyday life – for example it reviewed and subsequently blocked the proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda, finding that this deal would have led to increased prices for consumers. In addition, the CMA investigated markets which underpin and enable economic growth, building on its work in markets of central significance to a well-functioning economy.

Digital markets were also a priority. The CMA worked to improve outcomes for consumers in markets as diverse as secondary ticketing, celebrity endorsements and online dating and investigated a range of mergers in digital commerce.

Alongside its casework, in 2018/19 the CMA focused on preparing to play a bigger role on the world stage following Brexit. It also developed a package of proposed reforms to competition and consumer protection law to respond to the challenges of the digital economy and declining confidence in market competition.