The Widget

The media industry requires a range of contracts to undertake its business. Some are long and complex, but day-to-day contracts tend to be relatively short and simple. We understand that no one wants to incur extensive legal fees on these simpler contracts, but clients need to know that they are up to date and properly drafted. As a result we developed a contract writing tool for clients which we call the Widget, which we charge for on a cost-effective subscription basis.

The Widget is a cloud-based system which allows clients to prepare their own documents in-house using our specially designed document drafting software. The Widget provides a cost-effective way for media companies to generate in-house contracts and other documents safe in the knowledge that they are properly drafted and reflect the latest developments in the law. It is designed to take the time, expense and worry out of preparing, updating and managing contracts and documents used on a regular basis.

There are standard templates on the Widget which are designed for specific media sectors: record labels, music publishers, magazine publishers and HR departments. Templates for other sectors are in development. Clients can also use their own form of documents on the Widget if they prefer: we will check them, “Widgetise” them, upload them onto the system and you’re away.

The Widget is an example of Wiggin’s fresh thinking and alternative approach to delivering legal services.

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