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Alan co-heads our litigation team, providing litigation and contentious regulatory advice across each of our core sectors.

“I’m a commercial litigator and leader of regulatory investigation responses. I help business resolve significant contentious issues – whether that’s a dispute with a strategic impact, navigating an external or regulatory enquiry or co-ordinating an internal investigation.

I have a long history of dealing with disputes where projects become distressed, over run or come in over budget. I use my experience of the technical and commercial issues to help clients get their projects back on track or, where needed, get them a new deal.

As well as issues arising from commercial partners, I also help our clients co-ordinate their response to critical regulatory enquiries and reviews, with an in-depth knowledge of the film and gambling sectors.

I always take a holistic view to disputes, providing a fully rounded assessment of the commercial and strategic issues in play, what needs to be done right now to fix the problem and how the risk of repetition can be reduced or extinguished.

What happens post-resolution is often just as critical as solving the initial issue. I approach every dispute with the goal of achieving a constructive result that either creates positive change within the business or with my client’s relationship with the counterparty. This is especially important when you’re dealing with a regulatory investigation, where the rebuilding of a relationship with primary regulators can have a very significant and long-term impact on a business.

Disputes, claims and enquiries can be hugely stressful on the individuals at the centre of them, and place them and their colleagues under significant and sustained pressure. I always seek to build supportive and complementary teams at Wiggin and the client which provides the best platform for getting the desired result. It’s important that the whole team contributes to  solving the issues and that the positive improvements that a dispute and its resolution can prompt are integrated into the client’s business.”