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On 16 December 2017, the Spanish Ministry of Finance published the resolution launching the third public tender for general online licences for gambling in Spain.

Interested entities must obtain a general licence per category of game (“bets”; “contests” or “other games”) and a singular licence for each specific type of game within the category (e.g. “fixed odds sports betting” within the “bets” category) to operate lawfully in the territory. General and singular licences can be applied for at the same time, although operators can only obtain a general licence during the public tender window.

As expected, the public tender will remain open for a period of one year meaning operators will have until 17 December 2018 to submit their application to the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation (“DGOJ“). Once submitted, the DGOJ will have a maximum of six (6) months to review the application and make a determination.