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PRS for Music says that it supports the principles and objectives of the Collective Right Management (CRM) Directive, which came into force on 10 April 2016 (see item above).

In welcoming the new UK Regulations, PRS for Music believes that the CRM Directive will improve the way Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) operate across the EU, which will be in the best interests of rights holders and users.

PRS for Music says that the CRM Directive is intended to provide long term legislative solutions to ensure all CMOs operating in Europe meet minimum standards of transparency, governance and customer service generally and also in respect of multi-territorial online licensing.

With 60% of PRS for Music’s international revenues deriving from the EU, PRS for Music says that greater transparency and efficiencies will “improve the administration and collection of royalties for PRS members, and are in the best interests of all affiliated parties”.  To read PRS for Music’s press release in full, click here.