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Ofcom has published quantitative research on how audiences perceive BBC’s distinctiveness.

The BBC’s Charter sets clear objectives for the BBC to serve audiences, and puts a sharpened focus on distinctive, creative and high-quality programmes and services.

Ofcom says that, as part of its duty to regulate the BBC, “it is important we take account of changing public tastes, attitudes and habits.” Part of this involves carrying out regular research with audiences to ensure that Ofcom remains in touch with people’s priorities, concerns and what they want from the BBC.

This research will inform Ofcom’s ongoing work to measure the BBC’s performance. The report should be considered alongside the qualitative element of the research on distinctiveness, which was published earlier in June.

Ofcom published a consultation on the draft BBC operating licence in March. Ofcom says that a statement setting out the finalised operating licence will follow later this year. To access the report, click here.