HomeInsightsOfcom concludes its review of Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes it approves

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Ofcom says that ADR offers important protection to consumers who have a complaint about their communications provider. The process allows people to escalate their complaint to an independent body, which will consider the case and reach a fair and impartial judgement.

Under its powers in the Communications Act 2003, Ofcom currently approves two dispute resolution schemes — Ombudsman Services: Communications and CISAS. It also approves both schemes under the ADR Regulations 2015.

Having completed its assessment, Ofcom says it is satisfied that both schemes still meet the required performance criteria and is confirming its continued approval.

To further enhance the schemes’ performance they have both committed to, among other things, publish customer satisfaction data and make changes to their websites to make them easier to navigate.

The schemes’ performance against their formal key performance measures will also be published on the Ofcom website on a quarterly basis in future. To read Ofcom’s statement in full, click here.