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The letter to MEPs says that CISAC represents over four million creators of music, audiovisual, drama, literature and visual arts, in 121 countries. It acknowledges that the proposals by the European Commission, currently being discussed in the European Parliament are “among the most important copyright reforms of the last 20 years in Europe.”

CISAC says that the reforms are “a first step in the right direction”, offering a historic opportunity to bring fairer remuneration for creators and drive economic growth and jobs in the creative industries. In particular, the letter states, Europe now has a chance to address the “transfer of value” or “value gap” which is caused by loopholes in the law allowing some of the world’s largest digital platforms to deny fair remuneration to millions of creators.

To do this effectively, the letter continues, “it is essential for the legislation to ensure fair remuneration by user uploaded content (UUC) platforms such as YouTube.” In CISAC’s opinion, EU law should “not be a shield to allow such platforms to make vast revenues from creative works while not fairly rewarding the creators.”

The letter says that thousands of artists and authors within Europe have already voiced their solidarity with the European Commission’s proposals. “We now send our own message of encouragement to take this legislation to its full potential. Members of Parliament, we ask you to take this opportunity to shape a fairer digital market for creators in the 21st century.” To read the letter in full, click here.