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The European Commission is working to reform ENISA, the “EU Cyber Security Agency” and establish a framework to govern European cyber security certification schemes. The proposal, amongst other things, seeks to:

  • provide ENISA with a strengthened and permanent mandate;
  • increase the trust and security of ICT products and services;
  • harmonise the existing certification landscape to reduce costs and administrative burdens for companies; and
  • progress the Digital Single Market.

The proposals include changes to the tasks and functions of ENISA and the way European Cyber Security Certification schemes are developed and implemented.

To represent the UK in negotiations, DCMS is seeking stakeholder views through a series of industry roundtables and events. The DCMS would also like to invite those stakeholders who cannot attend these events to share their views directly and stay updated on progress. The deadline for responses is 13 February 2018. To access the consultation, click here.