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The EBU reports that the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has asked for the adoption of EU standards that aim to better protect whistleblowers and reporters dealing with sensitive information from these sources.

The EBU says that it welcomes several measures proposed by French MEP Virginie Rozière and her counterparts in a report adopted on 2 October 2017, which recognises the close link between investigative journalism, independent press and whistleblowers, as well as underlines their key contribution to informing the public.

The report stresses the importance of protecting the confidentiality of journalistic sources to safeguard media freedom.  It asks for effective measures, via a legislative proposal, to protect whistleblowers and investigative journalists against any type of intimidation.  The report also recognises that in certain cases, whistleblowers can turn directly to the media to report unlawful or wrongful acts.

EBU European Affairs Manager, Guenaelle Collet, said: “Journalists and whistleblowers take great risks to put sensitive information in the public eye.  The European Parliament is sending a positive signal for those who want to uncover unsettling truths.  This has long been awaited and it is to be hoped that the EU institutions and Members States will now effectively follow up on these recommendations.”  To read the EBU’s press release, click here.  For further information on the Committee’s adopted report, click here.