HomeInsightsCommittee of Advertising Practice launches sector compliance project on broadband pricing in business-to-business ads

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CAP says it is communicating an ASA ruling that requires marketers to ensure that when targeting businesses with ads for broadband packages, they make clear the overall monthly cost of their broadband packages.  This can be achieved by merging the monthly cost and line rental into one all-inclusive price.

CAP reminds advertisers that they should make clear all up-front costs that would be paid by most customers by presenting them together with the total monthly cost.

CAP is taking this action to make sure that ads of this type do not mislead traders.  It also aims to ensure a level playing field for those operating within the sector.

Advertisers are expected to take action to ensure their online banner ads, websites and other ads stick to the rules.  Advertisers have until 15 May 2018 to amend their advertising, after which point CAP says that its compliance team will take enforcement action against non-compliant advertisers.  To read CAP’s announcement and to access the ASA ruling, click here.