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The Gambling Commission have announced new regulations requiring extensive historical gambling data to be made available to players. Players are also to be provided with functionality allowing deposit limits to be set across their whole accounts (as well as individual games) and they are to be shown their ‘net’ deposits, to alert them to the degree of their losses, or, at the least, the amount of their income that they are spending on gambling.

The accompanying Commission press statement makes the sensible point that information provision standards should be uniform amongst operators, and that those standards should be high, so as to allow players complete transparency around how much they are staking and losing over time.

Generally, that is to be welcomed, and many operators will already be providing comprehensive information to their players in the hope that players will be assessing their level of spend on an ongoing basis and ensuring that it is within their means. Forcing players to confront excessive levels of historical spend is likely to be a very useful tool in forcing them to seek help where necessary, including taking up offers of deposit limits, cooling off periods and self-exclusion from operators.

A link to the announcement can be found here http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/news/2017/Gambling-Commission-raises-standards-with-new-conditions-for-online-operators.aspx