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High Court refers questions to Court of Justice of European Union regarding prior disclosure of a design outside the EU and its effect on novelty and the date on which an unregistered Community design right comes into being

Facts Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company (BHTB) is a Californian company which sells animal-like toys called “Squeezamals”. BHTB issued proceedings against PMS International Group Plc (PMS) which included claims for… Read More

Court of Justice of European Union holds that the Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC) precludes national law from allowing copyright protection for designs on the sole ground that, over and above their practical purpose, they have a specific aesthetic effect

G-Star Raw CV issued copyright infringement proceedings against Cofemel – Sociedade de Vestuário SA in the Portuguese courts in relation to the production and sale by Cofemel of jeans, sweatshirts… Read More