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The Association for International Broadcasting reports that the BBC is reaching a record weekly audience of 372 million around the world, a rise of 7% year on year, new audience figures published on 25 May 2017 reveal.

The Global Audience Measure (GAM) shows how many individuals the BBC reached weekly with its news and entertainment content in the year 2016/17.

The data show that the BBC’s weekly global news audience has risen by 8% to 346 million, with TV, audio and social media driving the increase.

The BBC World Service has seen an increase of 9% since last year, taking its total audience to 269 million.

Global News Ltd, which comprises BBC World News television and BBC.com, now has an audience of 121 million, an increase of 12%, with weekly BBC World News TV viewers rising to 99 million.

World Service English has seen another significant rise, with an audience of 75 million around the world, a 14% increase. This has been driven both by syndication and by the growth of digital audio, including internet audio and podcasts. The number of listeners accessing World Service English through internet audio has shot up by 147% to 21 million.

The GAM figures show that the BBC is on track to achieve the target set by the Director General of a 500 million weekly audience by 2022, the BBC’s centenary year. To read AIB’s press release in full, click here.