HomeInsightsAdvertising Association calls for government reassurance in wake of referendum, saying advertiser confidence should be a priority.


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The Advertising Association has written to Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Business, and John Whittingdale, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, explaining advertising’s fundamental role in the UK’s consumer-led recovery.   Advertising Association Chief Executive, Tim Lefroy, outlined two immediate steps the Government should take post-Brexit:

  • support responsible advertising self-regulation: specifically, the Government should not impose advertising bans related to public health issues, but collaborate with industry to achieve better health outcomes and avoid non-evidence based appeasement to campaign groups; and
  • a de-regulatory outlook: committing the Financial Conduct Authority to rolling back mandatory “legals and supers” requirements in the Consumer Credit Directive and reversing the recent Tobacco Products Directive ban on e-cigarette advertising.

Mr Lefroy said: “Advertising is the second largest Creative Industry, but more importantly it’s an economic activity and bellwether for the economy as a whole.  Advertiser confidence should be a high priority for Government and a clear commitment to these principles would send an immediate, positive signal”.

The need to encourage advertiser confidence sits alongside three other principles identified by the Advertising Association as key to advertising post-Brexit:

  • EU policies, including Data Protection Regulation, the AVMS Directive, e-privacy and consumer laws, will remain important for companies trading into the single market. The Government must work with industry to find the best way of negotiating to maintain good outcomes;
  • to maximise exports to and inward investment from Europe and the rest of the world, UK advertising will require a clear Government strategy, including a well-designed, flexible immigration policy;
  • retaining control over the timing and conditions of exit will enable the UK to maximise access to the single market from outside. The decision not to invoke Article 50 until at least after the new Prime Minister is welcomed.

To read the Advertising Association’s press release in full, click here.