The speed of telecoms innovation in recent years has been nothing short of astonishing. The present Covid restrictions means that the take up of telecoms and technology solutions by business and consumers is huge and ever more innovative services are appearing. As legislation struggles to keep pace and the management and movement of information as well as the services themselves become more heavily regulated, it’s more important than ever to obtain commercially astute legal and regulatory advice when operating in this field.

Our expert team has an unrivalled understanding of the telecoms and the wider communications sector, gained both in private practice and in-house at leading organisations. We work on a wide variety of transactions, acting for many of the largest global telecoms organisations, as well as regulators and third parties, including industry associations. We can help you across the full spectrum of your requirements with deep experience in contractual matters such as infrastructure access and interconnection, network sharing, outsourcing, network construction as well as data protection, retention, emergency calling obligations, new service roll out, equipment purchase and reseller agreements, as well as specialist regulatory, monitoring and litigation services.

We work on telecoms regulatory issues in relation to market entry and product launch assessments. We’re also involved in complex issues raised by broadband deployment, fibre roll-out models, cloud computing, data protection, data retention, lawful interception, and the impacts of technological change on regulatory models. We’re experienced on compliance with customer-facing regulation, such as contractual transparency issues, emergency calling obligations and the rules around net neutrality and roaming amongst other issues. We also regularly advise on competition law issues within the telecoms sphere and regularly defend telcos in high profile investigations by competition authorities including the European Commission.

We’re adept at dealing with new and emerging technologies such as encryption, software-defined wide-area network (SDWAN), and unified communications (UCaaS), and understand the growing convergence in areas such as telecoms and finance and telecoms and media or health services. We have advised on various models for delivering IoT services in particular for the automotive industry or smart city services. We also have unrivalled experience on separation models, including functional, legal and structural separation.

We formally review global developments in this area to help you ensure compliance and reduce the risk of costly and complex failures.

We have a global network of similar experts to ensure we can support you in any request around the world and provide a seamless experience for you, with our ability to ensure we map your needs. We also have a unique experience with telecoms and IoT regulations in the GCC region and in particular in the UAE.

We can also assist you with complex regulatory and anti-trust disputes, both in the UK and elsewhere. We’ve got a great track record of success, including on many claims in the hundreds of millions. We can even help you find funding solutions for these disputes and follow on anti-trust cases, drawing on our experience of deploying the first ever UK funded litigation portfolio for a FTSE 20 player.