Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already an every day feature in many of our most prominent digital services: we talk to virtual assistants, we watch programmes and listen to music recommended for us by algorithms employed by our content providers, we rely on navigation apps to suggest how to get from A to B in the most convenient manner. This is just the tip of the iceberg for AI, which promises to revolutionise many industry sectors as the capabilities of the intelligence are enhanced by faster processing times and experimental learning techniques. The UK Government clearly sees the economic value AI can bring, setting out its commitment to making the UK the go-to destination for AI innovation in its ‘AI sector deal’.  This technology is here to stay and its adoption into businesses is becoming mainstream.

AI brings the promise of increased efficiency, productivity and the ability to tackle complex problems. However, as with any emerging technology, there are challenges which must be given due consideration in order for this technology to successfully deliver on those promises.

Wiggin’s market leading technology, intellectual property, data protection, consumer and corporate practices work with clients developing AI solutions, clients seeking to implement AI into their business offerings and clients seeking to commercialise data stores, to help them navigate potential legal pitfalls. In particular, Wiggin’s expert industry knowledge in computer games, betting and gaming, ad-tech, publishing and content creation, development and distribution means we are uniquely placed to engage with key industry players and to deliver clear advice to our clients on the implications of the AI use in these sectors (from ‘fake-news’ to AI bots looking to cheat in the online gaming environment).

As the use of AI spreads across multiple industry sectors, the regulatory landscape will evolve also. There is increasing focus by key regulators such as the ICO and CMA on how the technology is being used in the digital marketplace and its impact on consumer’s rights, data privacy and competition. With an office situated in Brussels, we are able to provide clients with accurate and responsive advice on the fast-adapting regulatory landscape.

Wiggin has advised a range of clients with AI at the heart of their business. This includes advising on a range of intellectual property matters for a developer of natural language artificial intelligence solutions including in respect to ongoing IP strategy and data input and output ownership; advising a machine intelligent security platform on all aspects of data protection compliance; advising on acquisitions of businesses which specialise in AI and on joint development work around AI and a big data.