Our Brussels office works for major clients, such as the Motion Picture Association and 21st Century Fox, putting it in the middle of the most important legal, judicial and policy developments affecting the media and technology sectors in the European Union.

From our vantage point in Brussels, we are advising companies and trade associations on the European Union’s grand project, the Digital Single Market strategy, which has major implications for the way companies do business online across the EU. The DSM will mean changes to the rules governing online platforms, e-commerce, AV media services, copyright and data privacy and much more. Our clients not only want to understand the potential impact of legislative initiatives, they want to play a role in shaping their outcome. Through our detailed knowledge of EU legislative procedures, extensive contacts and substantive expertise, particularly in the field of copyright, we provide our clients with the tools to reach out to EU policy-makers as well as like-minded companies and trade associations in order to have an impact.

Not only do we advise clients on these important legislative issues but Wiggin Brussels also runs a Court of Justice of the EU practice. We have assisted parties involved in landmark copyright cases before the Court and organise outreach to the EU institutions and Member States who have standing to intervene in CJEU proceedings. We frequently advise clients on international copyright issues and at the national level help to secure local answers to questions related to intellectual property and other matters arising across the EU in coordination with local experts. Our copyright expertise is brought to bear to assist clients with complex transactions, commercial matters and litigation. Recent examples concern the sale of secondary rights in an extensive film library, the term of copyright protection of the book behind a classic American movie, ownership of digital photos, network PVRs and the copyright treatment of a complex grant of rights in a production agreement.