Consumer Products

In the world of consumer products, there’s no such thing as a quiet revolution.

The rise of digital dialogue and social platforms has brought both opportunity and risk–such as online counterfeiting–to this multi-million pound sector. It is essential that this development be looked at as more of an opening than an obstacle. Using our expertise in e-commerce, data protection, brand creation and licensing, we help our clients develop their online presence and create a robust and sophisticated approach to brand protection and enforcement online. Widely regarded as a market leader in online commerce and IP enforcement, our litigation team understands the Internet infrastructure and has the experience in using the court process to secure effective relief. We use technology to support our clients on their commercial challenges, which recently won us first place for ‘Innovation in IP’ at the Financial Times 10th Legal Innovation Awards.

In 2012, we founded Incopro, a specialised technology company that helps protect IP online. Our work with the Incopro legal network of similarly expert IP firms across the world ensures that we can help your business in the global market.