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Traditionally, film was always seen as the zenith of content but now we have such a cacophony of content. The challenge presented to our clients is how they connect their content to their community in the most effective way. Where Wiggin can add value is helping clients make the connections between their content and audience in the most effective way, not in the old-fashioned linear way.

Miles Ketley, Wiggin

Wiggin Executive Producing Group

Wiggin E.P. sources finance and distribution opportunities for film, TV, computer games, and new media clients in the UK and internationally. We work with producers, creative talent and IP owners to build finance and distribution around media properties. We offer bespoke Executive Producing both on individual projects and across slates on an efficient and economic basis. We also source sales and distribution deals on completed films. 

We work with producers to build a sustainable model that extends beyond a reliance on project-by-project finance.

We pro-actively source finance and distribution opportunities for producers and creative talent through our strong relationships at all points in the film chain, from talent, agents, managers, financiers, sales companies, distributors and private equity.

  • We act for every US studio and have longstanding relationships throughout the US industry, where we either source deals independently or work in partnership with US talent agencies and management companies.
  • We work with all the media outlets in major territories, as well as developing new opportunities in emerging markets, and are focused on enabling producers and talent to find international reach for their projects.

We offer an expertise that extends beyond core legal services and offers a more rounded and in-depth knowledge of the industry and how best to advance a film.

  • By providing in-house business affairs skills on an external basis to independent producers we help them to grow their businesses and finance slates of films without having to increase their company overheads or staff numbers.
  • By providing creative affairs expertise, and relationships with writing, directing and acting talent, we help package projects from an early stage.
  • We are receptive to new ideas and focus on innovation to extend opportunities for clients beyond their core sector, sourcing new ways of exploiting media content across platforms, thereby developing companies and talent, and creating new revenue streams.
  • We are driven by the desire to see the best films and talent attract finance, maximise their market potential, and find an international audience.
  • We work both with the best quality high and low budget films with breakout potential.
  • We work with creative talent, both emerging and established who wish to develop their careers and retain control over their projects.
We can get involved at any stage of a project

We are focused on projects with creative and commercial appeal where we can help position those projects in the market and maximize their overall value.
We are happy to talk to producers and creative talent at any stage in the development of a project.

We only take a fee when a project closes finance

We charge standard Executive Producer fees in the budget and back-end participation.  
We only take a fee when a project closes finance, thereby offering producers and content owners the expertise and resources of Wiggin without adding any costs to the development and production of a film.

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